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Track One -Mental Health and Wellness

Parents, Pastors, Principals, Psychologist, Physicians and Pharmaceutical industry


  • Deprivation and Displacement of African-American Children and Families

  • The Role of DHR/DFCS/CPS

  • Distinguishing between poverty and blatant neglect

  • Child Abuse

  • Prevention

  • Reunification

  • Mental Health

  • Medication of Children

  • Diagnosis of African American children


Track Two - Delinquency and the Prison Pipeline

Parents, Pastors, Principals, Police, Prosecutors and Prison Official


  • Delinquency and Detention of African-American Children Prison Pipeline

  • Interrogation

  • Arrest

  • Conviction

  • Defining delinquent offenses

  • Punishment/Sentencing

  • Treatment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Supervision

  • The Role of the School System

  • Parenting a delinquent child (Knowing your rights)


For these are all our children. We will all profit by, or pay for, whatever they become." - James Baldwin

Our Experience


1. "SHE" "HE" Sharing His/Her Experience (96): Life Skills and Mentoring Program for ages 8-12, 13-17 and 18-22

2. Project Three Strikes (05):  Dismantling the three strikes and collateral consequences associated with criminal records: Healthcare, Housing, Education, Employment, Maintenance and Support (H.E.M.S.).

3. Six (6) P's and Six (6) P's to Life (05):  The six factors that can prevent/reduce incarceration and recidivism: parents, pastors, principals, police, prosecutors and prison. The six factors that promote a healthier lifestyle for children: parents, pastors, principals, physicians, psychologist and pharmacist.

4. Reading from the Womb: Since 2008, AAJJP has donated books to OB/GYN offices in cribs, strollers and playpens for mothers-to-be to read to their unborn child with hopes that they will continue reading after birth.

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