AAJJP Programs


African American Juvenile Justice Project

The mission of AAJJP is to focus on community accountability and responsibility, youth leadership and legislative initiatives for juvenile justice and reform.
1. "SHE" Sharing His/Her Experience (96): Life Skills and Mentoring Program for ages 8-12, 13-17 and 18-22
2. Project Three Strikes  (05):  Dismantling the three strikes and collateral consequences associated with criminal records: Education, Employment and Housing.
3. Six (6) P's and Six (6) P's to Life (05):  The six factors that can prevent/reduce incarceration and recidivism: parents, pastors, principals, police, prosecutors and prison. The six factors that promote a healthier lifestyle for children: parents, pastors, principals, physicians, psychologist and pharmacist.
4. Reading from the Womb: Since 2008, AAJJP has donated books to OB/GYN offices in cribs, strollers and playpens for mothers-to-be to read to their unborn child with hopes that they will continue reading after birth.



FOCUS Projects

Project Fresh Start 
1). * Expungement  2). Restoration of Rights 3). Pardons 4). Motion to Seal
* States may assess fees for expungements, but we do not charge any fees for this service
Legitimation Project
1. Right to Know Program: Every child has the right to know his/her father.

2. Father's Rights Program: "A Father is More Than a Paycheck." Teaching young adults about parenthood and legal rights associated with parenting (custody, visitation and child support).
The Mock Trial Project
1. Mock Trial Project collaborates with programs and students to teach them about Constitutional rights, criminal justice and procedures.


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Other  Programs

Life Beyond Series (96): (Life Beyond, H.S., College, Prison, Single Parenting, Early Divorce, Death of a loved one or child).

The LawMobile is the LawOnWheels: Delivering legal prorgams to communities.



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