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The United States House of Representatives passed the Justice for Juveniles Act (HR 5053) R. 5053. To exempt juveniles from the requirements for suits by prisoners, and for other purposes 

Founded in 2007, the African American Juvenile Justice Project is a program that focuses on community accountability and responsibility, youth leadership and legislative initiatives for juvenile justice transformation. ​AAJJP recognizes that Black children in America leak or SEEP (Systemic. Endemic. Epidemic. Pandemic) through holes of racism, classism and capitalism.  

The mission of the African-American Juvenile Justice Project (AAJJP) is to provide programs and services for social justice and reform, which engage the African-American community, the school system, and the child welfare and juvenile justice system. AAJJP works to improve juveniles' HEMS [Healthcare, Housing, Education, Employment, Maintenance and Support Services], which are adversely impacted by the poverty, school dropout and prison pipelines.

AAJJP developed a unique and one of a kind system to address the needs of children by using the home, school, and community model.  We call it the Power of the Ps, which includes Parents, Pastors, Principals, Psychologist, Physicians, Pharmaceutical, Politicians, Press, Police, Prosecutors and Prison.  Each of these Ps are directly or indirectly responsible for the lives of African American children.  

For more than a decade we continue to advocate to Raise the Age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 17 and recognize that Georgia is among three states undecided.   Raise The Age Platform.

AAJJP also recognizes that African Americans cannot live in excuses, denial, and justification by failing to resolve its own problems, which result in the deprivation and delinquency of its children.

 JUST US [Juvenile Urban Sex Trafficking in the United States], 17Ps and FemaleNOTFeemale platforms addresses the impact of AIDS and  sex trafficking of young women and children. 

In 2020, AJJP joins the Amicus Brief as interested party in connection with Jones v. Mississippi, No 18-1259 currently pending before the United States Supreme Court via Mayer Brown firm Question: Does the 8th Amendment require a sentencing authority to find that a juvenile is permanently incorrigible before it may impose a sentence of life without the possibility of parole?


AAJJP supports the CROWN Act,  which prohibits discrimination against African American children because of their chosen hairstyle.  CROWN Act - Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act of 2019 Act (HR 5309)

Today, we remain the leading forefront platform for African-American children who face a duality of socialization in our society, which is also characterized by institutionalized and systemic racism and untenable obstacles.  Education + Employment + Economics = Empowerment.  Together, we can change the plights that hinder growth and development of children.

While we are a race-specific program, we encourage participation from all persons (allies) of concern and we will assist other groups in need of race specific programs and services.  We are nonpartisan and nonsectarian, because the fight to end the inherent harms and oppression of race and class leading to discrimination and disparity knows no political or religious boundaries. 


African American Juvenile Justice Project

E-Learning Center

This portion of the site is for educational purposes only. The content is not legal advice.  The statements and opinions are the expression of the author.


Do I have to pay to access modules and courses? 


To help support the work of the African American Juvenile Justice Project, the modules and learning products are offered for a nominal fee and are accessible to anyone who registers.  There are a limited number of items restricted for access only by people in the Anti-Trafficking community.  All other learning products are openly accessible and offered to advance the work of juvenile justice and reform.


Are continuing education credits offered? 

AAJJP is currently unable to offer CEUs and CLE since we make the material available to such a broad audience.  However, you can choose to use the modules toward your professional self-study requirements and our work has been approved by most jurisdictions.


Why do I have to register?

AAJJP requires registrations to develop and disseminate learning products. Having registration information allows us to develop material based upon need and use our data accordingly.

Can I share materials with my staff?

While we encourage material sharing, we do ask that if you pay for a video that you use the honor system because all videos have a Code to be provided for proof of certification.  AAJJP encourage the use of the learning products by your agency staff.  If they do not already have an AAJJP wix username they can register on the site and have access within minutes.   It is free to register with Wix and offered to advance the work of juvenile justice advocates. 

What is available from the E-learning Center?

The African American Juvenile Justice Project E-Learning Center provides a centralized source of development, training, and performance content that can be offered and accessed anywhere and at any time. Some content is free and other content is offered at nominal cost and is open to all but does require a login and password. New content will be added regularly. 

Course Topics and Course Outlines

JUST US: Understanding Juvenile Urban Sex Trafficking in the United States and Post Self-Assessment   $40.00

Hidden Injustice: The Legal Obstacles to the Road to Fatherhood  (Fathers Are More Than A Paycheck) $25.00

The Power of the Ps: Representing the African American Child and Dismantling the Poverty, School Dropout and Prison Pipelines  $40.00

Is Your Child Paid To Have Sex?  (Free)

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